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Hey, we're glad you asked!

The Bow Code is a passionate community of bow tie wearers from across the majestic globe!

We identify ourselves as Bow-Coders! Every single day, bow-coders from all walks of lives (literally - pharmacists, engineers, sommeliers, dancers, fire-fighters, life coaches and more!) come together to share images of our outfits and BOW TIES. We tease and crack jokes about boring neck ties versus refreshing bow ties, celebrate, encourage and motivate fellow bow-coders -- that's right, taking on the world one bow tie at a time.

Did you say interesting? Oh dude you are definitely missing out! We are a group of crazy fun-loving people!

Join us here! (Don't be silly, there are no fees or registration etc, you don't even need a bow tie to join!)

Cheers and welcome to The Bow Code


Your fellow bow-coder,